“If you fall here, it’s easy to get back up.”

There’s still time to apply for the apprenticeship: The deadline is Friday February 12.

If you are interested in applying to be the Bethany Garden apprentice(s) in 2016, please submit a letter of intent, a résumé, and three references to Jen Greenberg (jenredfox@gmail.com) before February 12 2016.  Selection of an apprentice will take place in February so the apprentice can get started early in the spring of 2016.

Michael and Colleen at Market, July 11, 2015Colleen Freake and Michael Overmars, who were the apprentices in 2015, reflected on their experience:

Michael: It’s amazing the depth of things that you learn with the initial act of planting a seed.  At the moment, you reflect having never done anything like this before, I hope I’m ready for this — go for it.  All of a sudden you’re on board — it’s a wild ride — you’re making decisions that you never anticipated, forced to step outside your comfort zone and persevere because in essence, what you’re doing you know is right, the soil, the food, the community — that’s what matters.  Sometimes you’re right and most of the time you’re wrong but those are the best opportunities to learn and adapt, and this is the place to do it.  Bethany Garden is an amazing self-led learning opportunity in an incredibly supportive and beautiful environment.  If you fall here, it’s easy to get back up.

Colleen: The process of apprenticeship is in itself rewarding and includes personal growth, development of values, ideals, and plans for the future.  The support of the Antigonish community, and beyond, has been outstanding.  The family farms and gardens in the area are friendly allies and provide good examples to apprentices.

Michael, Colleen, harvesting

Photo: Sr Florence Kennedy

Colleen and Michael, July 14, 2015 (1)

Photo Sr Florence Kennedy

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