Seeking New Growers for 2019 Season

Position: Self Employment/Learning Opportunity
Organization: Marthas New Growers Program
Location: Antigonish, Nova Scotiaimage4 (1)

The Marthas New Grower Program is seeking motivated individuals who want an opportunity to learn about gardening as a career. The garden is set up with raised beds, irrigation, deer fence, and greenhouses. A barn near the garden houses many tools, including a BCS walking tractor and implements. There is also a walk in cooler and a vegetable processing area. High quality compost, cover crop seed, electricity and water are included. Mentorship from two experienced market gardeners is a key component to this program.

Participants pay a fee of $4,000 or 50% of gross sales, whichever is less, and purchase seeds, fuel and other consumables. Knowledge, hard work and weather in the growing season are factors in determining what income can be made. The garden’s gross sales were over $70,000 with four new growers harvesting from May to November of 2018.

If you are in transition between apprenticing on farms and starting your own market garden, or if you have some experience growing vegetable and need to learn all aspects of market gardening this may be the perfect learning opportunity for you. If you are from out of the area, we will do our best to help you find a place to live nearby. The Marthas Garden is located right in the dynamic university town of Antigonish NS.

To apply, please send a résumé and letter of intent to Jen Greenberg:

To see what the season is like for participants, check out their social media:

Facebook, Instagram: smallpotatoes.veg   mac.and.eli


Werner, at the end of season, with a big smile

IMG_20161109_145141809 (1)



David and Gyungbo checking out the shallot harvest


Gyungbo with Pak Choi

20180423_151451 (1)

Eli transplanting spinach


Ben, Gyungbo, and Mac, rebuilding a trailer to fit over raised beds for compost application

20180620_094752 (1)

Ben and salad mix


Mac and Eli checking out their brassicas under row cover


Ben, Eli, and Mac in the new acre with landscape fabric


Ben and David in the new acre, later in the season


Ben, Mac, Eli, and Gyungbo.  Team 2018

image2 (1)

Ben at Antigonish Farmers’ Market

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